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Kilimanjaro Climbing & Safaris

Kilimanjaro Climbing & Safaris is a tour operator with the aim of reviving Tanzania’s tourism industry. Our primary goal is to provide traditional and exclusive tour packages for clients who want to get up close and personal with Tanzania’s natural beauty and unique atmosphere. We also want to introduce you to the people and places that Tanzanians have to give in African village life, as well as position our distinct and friendly personality. You will have the memories of a truly unforgettable and enriching journey into the heart of mankind’s cradle after your Kilimanjaro Climbing & Safaris encounter.

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Why Travel With Kilimanjaro Climbing & Safaris

Individualized Services

Changed Kilimanjaro Climbing and Safaris Services gives you the power! You can pick from one of our daily visit packages or create your own as one of our “Gutsy Pilgrims.” You can choose any objective and duration, and we’ll take care of the details. If you want to camp for a week and walk two or three days, or visit some popular stops and then spend the rest of the week in the area, we’ll show you the best places to meet your budget and have an interesting Tanzanian adventure.

Professional Guide

The best guides have extensive experience, aptitude, and talents, as well as a long list of satisfied customers who can attest to their flawless polished ability and administration. Our staff members have extensive knowledge of the local environment, parks, and city life, and will be an important host to you during your stay in Tanzania. Ask them any questions or make any requests, and we’ll make sure you get a response.

Local Experience

We occasionally have visits that take an unexpected turn. You will have the opportunity to meet and observe local people who regularly live with minimal environmental impact while also leading full and fulfilling lives. You’ll be able to make friends with town pioneers, teenagers, and capable people who have a lot of experience and wisdom to share with the rest of the country. You’ll also learn about biodiversity and the daily wonders of Tanzania’s public parks, including well-known plants and scenic splendor. We may also schedule excursions to social attractions in our neighborhood to see the enormous change in the Tanzanian economy. Before the finish of a Green Safari trip, we trust you can feel however simple as you seem to be


We manage both budget and luxury safaris, providing quality at the right price for any client who asks; we agree our prices are reasonable and the best available.

99% Tailor Made Itinerary

Your entire vacation is planned around your needs. Investigate your passions at your own pace. Choose your desired type of lodging. With the aid of our experts, plan the perfect trip.

99% Trustworthy Services 

It might be very difficult and scared   to visit a new Destination for the first time, but with kilimanjaro Climbing & Safaris  you will feel protected and safe . 


To be the leader in touristic service operations in Costa Rica via continuous improvement, customer happiness, and innovation. To be a highly affordable rental corporation with extraordinary quality and exemplary community, environmental, and social responsibility relationships.


A steadfast dedication to client satisfaction. To exceed our clients’ expectations and meet our partners’ goals, we strive to give expert solutions and added value in all of our services. We want to add value and make a positive impact.


is a goal that is set for a specific period of time. Recognize that outstanding service is more than just a low price; it’s a near-obsessive attention to detail that elevates a decent experience to something extraordinary. We don’t want to sell you a vacation package; instead, we want to learn about your wants so that we may create a travel solution that suits your individual demands.

Company Policy

Cancellation Information

Cancellation of a booking or failure to join a tour will result in a retention of funds by kilisafaris. as follows: Upon receipt of written cancellation by any member of the tour indicated on this reservation 30 days or longer prior to departure, 20% of the reservation of the canceling party will be retained by kilisafaris and the balance of the package price refunded. If a cancellation is received at least 14 days and up to 29 days prior to departure, 50% of the package price will be retained by kilisafaris. If a cancellation is received less than 14 days prior to departure, 100% of the total package price will be retained by kilisafaris. and all outstanding payment will become payable immediately. Should the canceling party be able to find a replacement for themselves no less than 14 days prior to departure and the replacement completes this booking form individually, no retention of funds will take place. However, should no replacement be found by 14 days prior to departure, a 100% cancellation penalty will apply to the canceling party. Kilisafaris. and its agents reserve the right to terminate, at their discretion and with immediate effect, the participation of any person on the tour

  Go On Adventure, In All Safety

Do you dream of going off the beaten track, in the heart of an unknown region, to meet its inhabitants?

Do you want to live a special experience, discover another culture, other values, but you do not have the time or the knowledge to plan your trip?

  • Kilisafaris advises you in the realization of this adventure and introduces you to the holiday in immersion, within the framework of responsible tourism.
  • Kilisafaris reinvents a quality trip, cleverly “disorganized”, the antipodes of a standardized trip.
  • Kilisafaris offers you original trips to the heart of your desires, à la carte stays, unusual trips, themed stays as well as itineraries “just for you”, which you will carry out in complete safety thanks to our local guides



Trips to the heart of Tanzania developed by Kilisafaris:

Tanzanian immersion – Meeting the peoples of the north – Conquering Kilimanjaro

Ask for our “Honeymoon” stays: examples of tailor-made honeymoon trips, via our “Contact” page

An essential theme in this southern African country where a third of the territory is devoted to the protection of animal and plant species. Discover the local specialties and the know-how of artisans and healers, wildlife.


Given its area, its latitude (between the equator and the Tropic of Capricorn) and variations in altitude, the climate and the seasons vary from one part of Tanzania to another. There is a small rainy season in November. The temperature is never very high because of the altitude. The north of the country is difficult to navigate in spring, the rainy season raging from the beginning of April until the end of May.

December, January, February and March are excellent months to travel through this East African country. They allow the observation of hundreds of thousands of animals and birds in full migration, in national parks and around lakes. It is also an excellent period for holidays in the Indian Ocean, especially in Zanzibar and particularly if you like diving.


To allow you to get away from it all in an original way, kilisafaris saves you time in the organization of your stay, with the guarantee of flexibility and freedom that you will not find in the packages usually offered.

Entrust us with your desires, we will do everything possible to make them come true.

You are with family, friends, an association, a company. You want to fully experience the trip of your dreams. Kilisafaris meets your expectations by offering you the freedom to:


Theme trips are fully flexible according to your aspirations. You have the possibility of doing more workshops (cooking, crafts, art …) for a more intensive learning. You can mix the activities, visits and discoveries that make up each stay, at your convenience.

Equestrian escapes are à la carte depending on your level. The duration and difficulty of the walks are studied in consultation with your guide.

Discovery trips are also customizable, in self-drive, with a guide, to spend more time in a place, to make even more encounters or cultural visits.



Our in-depth expertise on the various preferred destinations that we offer you, allows us to organize completely à la carte getaways in the countries of East Africa still preserved from mass tourism.


  • attentive listening to identify your expectations and identify your priorities.
  • expert advice and appropriate guidance
  • a project study in line with your budget.
  • Before leaving, we give you a guide booklet which contains a daily program and presents each of the speakers (their characteristics, diplomas, contact details, etc.), the day and time of their meeting, practical information, very detailed information on local culture and customs and practical information (formalities before leaving, to see, to do on site, alphabet book of key words, etc.)
  • Our guides on site are chosen for their reliability, seriousness and experience. These nature lovers will introduce you to places they jealously keep secret.

Each itinerary is studied with the greatest care, in order to provide our customers with the assurance of a most successful trip.